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Here it is, as promised in my earlier post.
I just had to get into the action.

I’m the guy in the Santa Hat. (Not a very Indian thing, is it?)

I’m thinking of turning my YouTube account into a full fledged channel to post all the weird shit my friends and I do.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos must be priceless, right?

Signing out,
The Observer.


Do the Harlem Shake!


This post is nothing philosophical.
I just wanted to share an ongoing online phenomenon as it happens, with everyone.

This post is obviously about the crazy global viral spread of the Harlem Shake videos.
I researched on the topic and here’s what I figured out.
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I’m Back!


Its been a long time since I’ve blogged.
For months, I have been away, but not anymore.

I was going through a lot of psychological torture in the past few months. (I like to call it ‘mind rape’)
Don’t worry though, I won’t bore you with my sorrowful tale. I’ve bored the shit out of my close friends for that already.

I have moved past all of that crap now, and have pondered over a truckload of things, giving me tons of stuff to write about.

So, expect more posts from me in the recent future.

Time to get a fresh perspective on things.
Stay tuned!

Signing out,
The Observer.


Its been a long time since I last blogged.

Life has been a little hectic and jerky as of late, that’s probably why I didn’t blog for so much time.

Anyway, I’ve got something to say, so here I am, blogging once again.

I’m an Indian, and as a citizen of this culturally diverse country, I get the opportunity to watch about ten different festivals of different people being celebrated in unison by one and all.

This sight is so common, in fact, that I failed to notice how spectacular a sight it actually is until I learned of the discrimination that is prevalent in the world. The civic sense that I’ve developed recently, along with my peers, has allowed me to see clearly the magic of festivities in India.

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Just a Tune?

Okay, lets talk about songs.

Which of the many popular songs do you remember from last year?
Not too many right?
Now think about the songs you do remember, and see what comes to mind.
It has to be a memory of something or even someone. Continue reading

A Brief Introduction

This will be my first blog.

This one will be just the brief introduction of what is to come your way in the days that pass.
Everyone of us has more than one side to us. Continue reading