This post is nothing philosophical.
I just wanted to share an ongoing online phenomenon as it happens, with everyone.

This post is obviously about the crazy global viral spread of the Harlem Shake videos.
I researched on the topic and here’s what I figured out.

The Harlem shake is a kind of dance which has gone viral on YouTube recently. The dance varies from video to video, depending on the user’s rendition. The song is the same in every video- Harlem Shake by Baauer. Its a year old, but has now truly become popular, it belongs to a genre called “Trap”, which I feel, is about to get famous.

The “twerpy” dance videos seem to have some loose rules:-

  • There is one person doing a pelvic thrust or some random stuff to the music for about 15 seconds wearing a mask or helmet.
  • Then the beat starts and everybody does their individual crazy shit, some go shirtless, others pretend to dry hump soft toys. (Just use your imagination here)
  • The video should be around 30-34 seconds long.
  • The title of the video should be “Harlem Shake” followed by the respective version name.
  • The ending of the video must be in slow motion, in accordance with the roar of a lion in the song.

That’s about all the guidelines I could decipher till now.

It all started from this video, by Filthy Frank. The internet owes him one.

And then followed all these others.

Harlem Shake v1

Harlem Shake v2

Harlem Shake v3

This next one even has girls in it. An obvious treat for the dudes out there.
Harlem Shake v4

Big names on YouTube, like College Humor and even IGN have posted their renditions.
Harlem Shake v5 (College Humor)

IGN Office version

There are countless other Harlem Shake videos out there, and if you search for them, you’ll get them. New videos are bound to pop up very soon anyway.
Every one of these videos crack me up and make me laugh like a crazy person. I don’t even know why, but this thing is somehow very appealing to my funny bone.
And I’m not alone, it seems, by the reaction to these videos.

Once again our faith in YouTube has been restored.
Viral videos for the win.

Just stay tuned on YouTube, there is a lot more Harlem Shaking to be seen.
In fact, I’m planning to upload a version in a few days myself.
[Update: I did upload one, here’s the link]

Signing out,
The Observer.