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This post is about change.
I need to borrow some.
Just kidding. I’ve got change, its the big bucks that I lack.
(Don’t tell me you didn’t expect a bad ‘change’ joke)

Seriously though, this post is about my musings on change, that is, transformation.

Change is what drives us all.

It is known that we all change, as in, adapt to live. I, however, am of the mind that change is what we live for as well.

The biggest attribute possessed by the human race is the power to adapt. We are the most intelligent species on Earth and while we’re not the oldest, we’re still the ones who have made leaps and bounds in advancements. (I mean, have you recently seen any bugs going to the Moon in a spaceship? No cheesy movie references please)

You put us in the cold, we’ll light a fire to keep ourselves warm. You put us in a hot tropical beach, we’ll drink a shitload of Mojitos. Adapting to the circumstances? Yeah, we got that covered.

Sometimes, however, we change not because we are required to, but because we want to.
A simple instance would be that of an ambitious employee.
He will work his ass off, get promoted, get richer and will ultimately attain a higher standard of living and the ridiculous amount pride that comes with it.
Thus, changing his status and himself, metaphysically.
That’s just a shallow example of a tiny scale.

We also live in hope for some changes to happen, like complete gender equality, lower crime rates, lower taxes, and free pizzas.
These large-scale factors are out of our hands to control, though. All we can do is make a tiny ripple to affect the whole world, which is sometimes more than enough. (KONY 2012, anyone?)

The viability of my hypothesis can be further rectified by examining the very reason you’re reading this blog post, this very minute.
(Apart from the simple reason that I have asked  you to read it)

You’re reading a post written by some guy living in India, who wrote this because he had nothing else to do. All possible due to the power of the internet. The internet, one of the greatest inventions of man. And you’re probably reading this on a computer, smart phone or tablet. Again, all great inventions of man.
We, the human race have reached this level of technological advancement and have achieved such seamless interconnection between ourselves because of our seemingly unending will to move ahead, improve and upgrade ourselves.

In other words, the reason is us undergoing change, voluntarily.

We’ve come a long way from being pinhead cavemen who made crappy cave paintings.
It’s all because we wanted to change ourselves, and we did.

We are constantly changing physically, metaphysically as well as psychologically.
It’s the inherent property of time to keep flowing, and an inherent property of everything in the universe to undergo gradual degeneration due to the onset of entropy with the passage of time.
This gradual disintegration of everything brings forth a vast range of possibilities for changing a person and his life, in a good or a bad way.

So, like it or not, you will  change overtime. Though it’s entirely up to you to make that a good change. (Fitness regimes, anyone?)

Give this some thought, and maybe you’ll finally work to bring about that change you always wanted.
Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.
I’m going to sit in front of my window, gazing outside, giving it some thought. (Talk about productivity)

Signing out,
The Observer.